Computer Expo Trade Shows: Top 3 Computer Conferences in the Nation

Computer Expo Trade Shows: Top 3 Computer Conferences in the Nation

Posted 07.31.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

For networking, education, or just plain fun, there is a whole slew of computer trade shows on the horizon. There's an expo for just about any field in the computer industry, from computer gaming to embedded technology. Listed here are some of the most highly anticipated computer tradeshows going around in the country and why you need to be there.

First on our list is the world-renowned computer graphics conference “Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques,” simply known as SIGGRAPH. The conference is held every year in a major US city, and has grown to include a second annual conference in Asia. Cities that have hosted the big computer graphics convention include San Diego, San Antonio, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, where the 2012 convention will be held. Companies from industries across the board come to attend this major event including computer engineering, graphics, motion pictures, and video games. If you are a student looking to break into the industry, SIGGRAPH is the place to be. Various computer graphics schools from across the nation are in attendance to recruit new students. Full and half-day courses in computer graphics are offered during the event, while prominent computer artists and researchers deliver exclusive presentations. One notable presentation was delivered in 1984 by John Lasseter, CEO of Pixar Animation, where he debuted his first computer animated short Luxo, Jr.

SIGGRAPH is not only an excellent educational opportunity, but a promotional opportunity as well. Vendors can register online to exhibit during the event, with floor place sold at 100 sq-ft increments at $37 per square foot. This would also be a good opportunity to get in touch with ACM SIGGRAPH, the nonprofit organization responsible for the event. Members of ACM SIGGRAPH receive a subscription to their Computer Graphics Quarterly publication, discounts to attend the SIGGRAPH conference, and full access to other publications posted on the ACM portal.

If you're looking to break into the video gaming industry, or simply love video games and have the Nintendo thumbs to prove it, there's no better place to be than the “Woodstock of Gaming” known as QuakeCon. Originally organized by a handful of volunteers, it is now sponsored by id Software, the developers of Quake, and has grown to become the mecca for game freaks. As you would expect from a gaming convention, there is a whole lot of gaming going on, featuring tournaments for Quake and other games like Marvel vs. Capcom, gaming booths presented by manufacturers like Alienware, and the largest LAN party in North America, with over 3,000 Bring Your Own Computer attendees making the pilgrimage to QuakeCon every year. 

It's not just fun and games at QuakeCon, but also a great place to learn more about the gaming industry for people who take their craft seriously. John Carmack, lead programmer of Doom/Quake, delivers an annual keynote speech called “Carmack's Talk,” in which he discusses game design and development, trends in programming and hardware, and even the aerospace industry. He then proceeds to field questions from aspiring game designers and programmers in attendance. You will also enjoy panels from guest speakers and exhibitors showcasing the latest in gaming. A milestone in QuakeCon history was the unveiling of “Call of Duty” in 2003, a game that has since grown into a multimillion dollar franchise. Companies that have showcased their products at QuakeCon include NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, Logitech, Aspyr, Ventrilo, and ASUS. 

The best part is, since QuakeCon is entirely volunteer-based, the event is absolutely free. With four days dedicated to peace, love, and gaming, it's no wonder the event that started from a party of 30 has grown to an international affair with over 8,500 in attendance.

The last trade show on our list is RTECC. The Real Time & Embedded Computing Conference is organized by the RTC Group, a marketing services company that provides tools for sales and marketing in the embedded electronics marketplace. RTC Group clients include Intel, Wind River, Aerotek, Casio, and Dell. Teaming up with the RTC Group grants you access to their publications for lead generation, potential online advertising, and face-to-face contact with engineers at events like RTECC.

Strategically held at key computing communities throughout the nation, including Denver, Irvine, and San Diego, RTECC is a one-day event dedicated to in-demand information about real-time and embedded computing. With keynote presentations, breakout seminars, workshops, and vendor exhibitions, RTECC offers a unique opportunity for computer engineers and developers to learn, explore, and network in their area of interest. Industries covered at RTECC include military and aerospace, embedded appliances, data communication, medical, and consumer devices. Vendors who have attended RTECC include Dell, Bell Microproducts, VersaLogic, Siemens Industry, and GE Intelligent Platforms.

Like QuakeCon, RTECC is completely free: free registration, free parking, and free lunch. With this unique opportunity to preview new products, communicate with vendors, and learn about trends in the industry, all without spending a dime, RTECC can prove to be a profitable event to attend.

SIGGRAPH, QuakeCon, and RTECC have proven to be the go-to trade shows in the areas of computer graphics, gaming, and embedded computing, respectively. Aside from being an educational and promotional tool to further your career in your particular industry, trade shows like those mentioned above can prove to be life changing. Considering some of these events are absolutely free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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SIGGRAPH is a must if only for the Computer Animation Festival. Such amazing, amazing talent around. So inspiring to be around such great animators. Globosome and How to Eat Your Apple were my favorite pieces.

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