Join a Computer Association to Break Into the Computer Industry Market

Join a Computer Association to Break Into the Computer Industry Market

Posted 09.21.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

For business owners, developers, and computer enthusiasts across the board, joining a computer industry association could not only be profitable for you, but also beneficial to the entire technology world. Membership to an industry association can help you get more involved in the community of computer professionals. It can open doors for your career and can give you an insider's look at the continued growth of innovation. Here we explain what exactly a computer association is and how joining one can effectively brighten your future in the industry.

Before you decide to join a computer industry association, you may want to ask yourself what exactly a computer association does. In the broadest sense, a computer association is an organization that focuses on collaborating professionals and companies within the computer industry, with the intent to promote industry growth and success within its membership. Computer associations contribute to the industry in a variety of ways: advertising and marketing, education on industry trends, and the lobbying for policy changes. They can focus on making an impact on the industry as a whole or concentrate on specified fields including computer graphics, IT technology, gaming, embedded electronics, and many other areas of expertise within the realm of computing.

CompTia is one example of a non-profit trade association that specializes in the field of Information Technology. They work to educate its members through accessible resources like online guides, webinars, open forums, and networking events. They also work to standardize practices in the IT workforce through technology-neutral and vendor-neutral certifications, some of which come as a requirement to move forward within the career paths for major companies including Dell and Microsoft. CompTia also works to provide a unified voice for small and medium sized IT businesses to effect change in legislation, and has created a foundation to bring IT skills to underprivileged populations.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is another major computer trade organization, specializing in the field of consumer technology. Comprised of 2,000 companies within the industry, the CEA provides its members with market research and forecasts, an extensive research library, up-to-date educational programs and technical training, and connections with key industry leaders, buyers, and government policy makers. The CEA is also responsible for putting on the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow, International CES Las Vegas, where over 100,000 retail buyers, distributors, developers, market analysts, and press representatives from all around the world come together to showcase the latest in consumer technology.

There are both personal and industry-wide benefits to joining a computer industry association. Exclusive conferences and tradeshows organized by industry associations provide face-to-face interaction with other professionals within your field. This can prove highly valuable to your company for the networking and promotional opportunities available to you. Access to research, newsletters, and publications can keep you up-to-date on the latest trends in your particular field, so you can have an added edge over the competition. Training and certification programs offered at many industry associations can keep your skill set relevant to changes in technology. Joining an association can also put your company on membership directories to keep you on the radar of prominent figures within your field. Computer associations also benefit the entire computing community through the standardization of procedures and best practices. By unifying engineers, developers, manufacturers, retailers, and researchers within the field, computer associations help to promote the advancement of technology, and provides solidarity in the face of Congress when business interests are compromised. 

With all the resources available to you through computer association membership, you can help your company grow in ways you never imagined. A computer association provides an audience for your voice to be heard, and with a big support system on your side, your own ideas and input can help shape the future of the technology world.

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Should I Join?
Reply #1 on : Mon October 15, 2012, 12:53:51
I was wondering if joining was something i should do. This helps. I wanted to know if anybody had any first hand experience with any particular organizations. Some cost money, like AITP, and look good on resume but is it worth it?

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